Our highly skilled engineers have significant experience in the design, construction and delivery of quality simulators. We have built simulators worldwide with applications ranging from ECDIS training, to Full Mission Bridge Simulators used for bridge training exercises.

The products shown here are only examples of the type of simulators that we can offer, each one is custom made so we are able to cater to the specific needs of every client

Our Simulator Videos

Our Simulators Are..


Integrated with a wide range of ECDIS and other on-board equipment.

Cost Effective

Low cost, with high-end finish.

User Friendly

Easy to use drag and drop style user interface.


Provides the ability to train groups of trainees all together.

Excellent Quality

Outstanding graphical detail, including key landmarks.ent.


Purpose built to meet your needs.


360° simulator available in small footprints.


Connect multiple simulators together in the same scenario.

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