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Simulation and Its Usefulness as a Training Aid

ECDIS Ltd has delivered training using simulation since its inception. The Full Mission Bridge, Inspector Stations and Individual Desktop Simulators are an integral part to everyday training at the ECDIS Ltd Facility. Robyn Harrigan, Training and Production Manager and Nick Harding, Lead instructor, explains simulation and its usefulness as a training aid… At ECDIS Ltd […]

Virtual Training

In the past, the first experience a cadet would have of the bridge of a ship was onboard the real thing. That is no longer the case and with the advent of simulators even visitors to any major marine equipment exhibition will be able to get a taste of what modern navigators experience. For would-be […]

The Evolving Standard of Simulated Bridge Team Training

We ask ourselves more and more “How well prepared are traditional maritime institutions at providing training for modern seafarers to operate on evolving new ships with vast and varied new equipment?  How relevant and appropriate are the varying BTM, BRM and CRM syllabi offered around the World?” Unfortunately, initial outlay for a new simulator is […]

Simulation Training

Is Simulator Training Worth It? Posted to Maritime Training Issues with Murray Goldberg (by Murray Goldberg) on February 11, 2013 For decades, simulation has been a part of maritime bridge and engine room training. But as with many safety initiatives, its effect is sometimes difficult to quantify. We know it has value, but it does come […]